BEAUTIFUL QUESTIONS (framed) Tibetan Snow Lion thangka by Brian Batista
Oil on canvas
24" X 18"

This grinning golden Tibetan Snow Lion greets the viewer with his eyes gazing towards the sky and his lips stretched into an infectious smile,

The snow lion is a celestial and mythological animal and the national emblem of Tibet. It is one of the four dignities symbolizing fearlessness, cheerfulness, joy and bliss. It has been painted in gold with a turquoise mane. Snow lions are often used to protect entrance ways and buildings. As an archetype for happiness, snow lions are often compared to unicorns in western mythology. Rather than fly, Snow Lion leaps from mountain peak to mountain peak, his feet never touching the ground.

In Tibetan folklore the milk of the Snow Lioness contains special nutrients to heal the body and restore it to harmony. The snow lion’s roar is said to embody the sound of courage and truth and implies freedom from karma and a challenge call to awakening.

"Beautiful Questions" is inscribed within the lion’s teeth, but can only be seen when reflected by the light. Beautiful questions are those that the artist reminds us to ask ourselves, leading to our own awakening.

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