I have opened a private Atelier and you can find out more by going to the new http://AtelierArtista.com website linked here!

  • I don't use this news page often

    instead, I have an active Blog <---(click here) where I write about my current projects and reveal my processes.

    here is the link: www.artistavision.blogspot.comwww.artistavision.blogspot.com

  • Draw 'til you drop exhibition

    A while back I did a two day intensive of figure drawing with live models titled "Draw 'til you drop". We will be showing a selection of the works made there this week-end at the Gorilla House. Info below.


    Come see some of the work produced during a weekend figure drawing marathon that ran in mid January. 5+ artists participating in show. During the weekend over 40 artists worked with 12 nude models to produce hundreds of drawings and paintings.

    Exhibition will be at the Gorilla house for two weeks from March 2nd-16th. Opening night is Sat, March 2nd from 6-9.

    1503 15th Ave SW , Calgary, Alberta

  • Horror 3 Group Show

    I have two pieces in the third Installment of the Horror Show @ House Gallery.

    Tonight and Tomorrow only

    2607 35 St Sw

    The Horror 3, where the dead are no longer that way. The terror returns in the third annual of the bloody popular Horror series from House Gallery. All things wicked become reality in this mixed medium group show featuring some of Calgary’s best artists working in paint, sculpture and miniature.

    A silent auction will run from 3-9pm on Saturday October 20th with artists on hand to speak to their work and the depraved desires and experiences that may have inspired it.

    Email info@housegallery.ca
    Website http://www.housegallery.ca/

    FB event page


  • 3 birds one stone

    The Versus Group Art Show took place at the House Gallery on Friday and Saturday. Ray and I hung our framed piece titled "we are the champions" in the hall. Minus one for the spelling error on the info sheet which had me out of my "whits". Other than that it was great.

    Electro Swing Spring Fling Was an awesome time. I set up my bunny dome, my 10 X 10 canopy, a table and a litany of coolers to be part of this great group who put together an amazing event at the area. I watched the door for the most part during the festivities, enjoyed the fabulous interior of the bass bus and ended off the night cuddled and huddled in my tent as the rain poured down and I avoided taking it down. The next day things were dry and it wasn't too bad a tear down with all the helping hands. I still need to recover some of my coolers before the Inshala festival this week-end.

    CAOS meeting I have the go ahead for the Chaos installation I applied for. It will take place January 2013 - March 2013. I will be creating an epic animation installation in one of the +15 windows at the EPCOR center for the performing arts.

  • 3 birds one stone

    The Versus Group Art Show took place at the House Gallery on Friday and Saturday. Ray and I hung our framed piece titled "we are the champions" in the hall. Minus one for the spelling error on the info sheet which had me out of my "whits". Other than that it was great.

    Electro Swing Spring Fling Was an awesome time. I set up my bunny dome, my 10 X 10 canopy, a table and a litany of coolers to be part of this great group who put together an amazing event at the area. I watched the door for the most part during the festivities, enjoyed the fabulous interior of the bass bus and ended off the night cuddled and huddled in my tent as the rain poured down and I avoided taking it down. The next day things were dry and it wasn't too bad a tear down with all the helping hands. I still need to recover some of my coolers before the Inshala festival this week-end.

    CAOS meeting I have the go ahead for the Chaos installation I applied for. It will take place January 2013 - March 2013. I will be creating an epic animation installation in one of the +15 windows at the EPCOR center for the performing arts.

  • Traditional Portraits in Oils

    I recently did a two week full time course in oils with Martinho Corriea.
    I documented the process on my blog: you can click here to see my progression!


  • City Show - opens Spaces

    My recent application to the City of Calgary Open Spaces program was successful!

    I have a scheduled exhibition for October 28, 2012 – January 19, 2013 in the EAST window. This time coincides nicely with my exhibition at the Stride Gallery and neatly overlaps with my show at the Epcor Centre's windows.

    I will be taking the city by storm int he upcoming winter.



    I will be at booth F04 in ARTIST ALLEY at Calgary's Comic Expo April 27-29) under the name Artistavision.

    I will be giving two presentations this year:

    History of Animation Quickdraw Brian Batista
    Room: Palomino C
    Time: 4:00 - 5:00

    When did animation start? How was it done throughout the ages? What exactly is animation? Brian Batista from the Calgary Quickdraw Society is here to answer all these questions and more.


    Challenges in Independent Art Forms Brian Batista
    Room: Palomino C
    Time: 12:00 - 1:00

    Traditional artist Brian Batista will delve into the challenges artists face in getting their work seen and sold. If you are a painter or an illustrator, a professional or just starting out, Brian will give you ideas on what it takes to transition to that "next step".


  • U of C Visiting Artist Lecture Feb. 17, 2012

    The Visiting Artist and Scholar Lecture Series aims to intrigue, inspire and spark discussion about art and its creation. The Department of Art sponsors the Visiting Artist and Scholar Series s and invites the public to join in the free presentations.

    For more info click here!

    Friday, February 17, 2012
    The Department of Art is pleased to present Brian Batista as part of the Winter 2012 Visiting Artist and Scholar Lecture Series. Batista will be discussing and showcasing his work on Friday, February 17, 2012 in the Art Building (AB 672) at 10:00 a.m.

    Batista graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a BFA with distinction, was the recipient of a Board of Governors award and the 2001 Valedictorian. He co-founded the Calgary Underground Film Festival (CUFF) and is an active member of the Calgary arts community. He currently teaches animation at the Quickdraw Animation Society and the Alberta College of Art and Design. He has an upcoming show titled "Divine Inspiration" at Stride Gallery opening October 26, 2012.


  • Pin Up - Group exhibition @ UAS

    I am showing two new pieces @ Pin Up!
    A group exhibition exploring feminism, sexuality and pop culture.

    February 1 - February 4, 2012 @ 11AM - 4PM
    UAS Satellite Gallery - 343 11th Ave SW
    Closing reception on Saturday, February 4 @ 6-10PM

    Pin-ups are mass-produced images of idealized sex symbols, intended to be "pinned up" to a wall. They are cut out of magazines and newspapers, or postcards and calendars. From the classic charms of Betty Garble, to the fetish modelling of Bettie Page, our version of the "pin-up" has changed over the ages and has accumulated over a century worth of history. 35 artists have worked within the confines of a "poster" format, showing a diversity of artist's interpretations through the themes of feminism, sexuality and popular culture.

    **And yes there will be girl riding a banana and a pickle!**

  • Calgary 2012 Application

    I applied for a Calgary 2012 AiR project today. KT helped by editing the application. I think it looks pretty good. Its all out of my hands and up to Micheal Green now. Fingers crossed!


  • U of C Visiting Artist Lecture Invitation

    Today I was invited by the University of Calgary to give a lecture as part of their Visiting Artist and Scholar Lecture Series. A few years back I gave a talk there in regards to my "Battle Between the Sexes" installation and residency at EMMEDIA. This year they selected me to present a talk in light of my upcoming solo exhibition titled "Divine Inspiration" at the Stride Gallery.

    Divinely Inspired, the work of Brian Batista
    Friday, February 17, 2012.
    10 -11:30pm Arts building
    %presented by the University of Calgary's
    Visiting Artist and Scholar Lecture Series%

  • Momentum for Motion Gallery

    The first exhibition at Motion Gallery was a huge success!

    For a first exhibition it exceeded my expectations, it's hard enough to get an audience to attend an art opening, but combine that with X-mas season parties and it was a Friday night makes it even more exceptional.

    The name "Motion Gallery" is inspired by the principal of Newtons first Law 'Objects in motion tend to stay in motion'. This Gallery, like it's artist's, are in motion: Creative, active, and proactive!

    Motion Gallery has a diverse collection of art from new and veteran artists, that appeal to any taste.

    "Engage yourself in culture. Take in some Art."

    If you couldn't make the opening, go and take a walk around the huge gallery space.Motion Gallery is located at 200 Barclay Parade SW, on the main floor at the NW end. of Eau Claire Market.



    TONIGHT 7PM Motion gallery opens!
    Its in Eau Claire Market, right near the Sumo Lounge.
    Come by and check out this rag tag band of artists from all walks of life.

    Tune in to Arts Link on CJSW, Tuesday 8-9 to hear more about Motion Gallery by the man who got the ball rolling, Rob Dodds.

    While you are visiting plug in a one of a kind hand made instruments and give it a strum. They are made out of cigar boxes and all have a unique sound. At only $250, its like stealing. I met the creator, he works at SAIT, awesome guy. It turns out he recognized me, couldn't place how he knew me, but he new my face. Then he told me his daughter was Hannah Kost, the author of the recent article (here) in The Calgary Journal. Small world!

  • Canvas Man

    I taught another canvas building workshop this past week. There is a Calgary Journal article written by Hannah Kost just click here!

    My two favourite bits:

    "He helped give me that motivation because he's positive. He's patient and he's funny. He lives his life the way he wants to live his life. It's inspiring."
    ~Katie Dick (past participant)

    "Batista's studio is full of his work, intricate oil paintings washed in gold and silver; the building is hushed, the wood floor scuffed and colour-stained. The quiet of the space is of great contrast to Batista himself, who is lively, engaging and quick."
    ~Hannah Kost

  • "Outside the Box"

    Next show: I have also been invited by Damien Manchuck from the Underground Gallery to be part of his "Outside the Box" collective art show.

    Calgary has got another low brow / underground art scene a brewin'! INSIDE (1407- 11st SW) will be hosting the first opening of the Outside the Box group show on November 24th, @ 7pm and will feature 20 local artists. This event is kindly sponsored by our friends Steamwhistle.

    Here is the FB page.

    *November: 24, 2011
    1407 - 11th st SW
    Show starts @ 7*


    I awoke to great news in my inbox. I applied to exhibit selected works from my Sacred Images collection in the EPCOR fairway in three of their windows. Today I received confirmation of my successful application from the selection committee.
    This will help gain exposure to a new audience who already respects the arts. I cant wait.Yippee.

    My show is slated for January 10 - March 13, 2013.


    I did an hour presentation to the prestigious PIVOT group at the Glenbow. This group is really awesome, very friendly, inviting, inquisitive and supportive. I gave a talk about the history of animation and how the development of the technologies, from Victorian Era toys rose into what we know and love as animated pictures today.

    I always feel nervous just before presenting. This group made it very easy to be me..... which is a total dork. Whatever, I am very passionate about what I talk about, and yes a few swears did leak out. I am sure my body became animate as well, it goes with the territory.

    Afterward there was a reception with saki, beer and sushi. We got to tour the museum on our own after hours. I had many great conversations with the PIVOT members and am very grateful for the opportunity. Thanks to Rachel Martin who selected me to give this presentation.


  • remember remember

    I have been working on the Childrens book illustration for Clorinda Bryant, you can follow it on my blog. I recently sent off an ACDI grant, and am currently putting the finishing touches on my +15 window show at the Epcor Centre for Performing Arts.

    Next show: I have also been invited by Damien Manchuck from the Underground Gallery to be part of his "Outside the Box" collective art show. The work will be dropped off on the 19th and the show to follow on the 24th. Rumor has it that Steam Whistle is a sponsor!

    *November: 24, 2011
    1407 - 11th st SW
    Show starts @ 7*


  • Catch up - to date

    Well a lot has been happening. Other than spending much of my time in the studio and the other bits teaching flip books and After Effects. I have a surprising amount of stuff on the go.

    - I am going to be showing some works at Sacred Balance Tattoo this Saturday October 15, 2011 as part of an exhibit during the Tattoo convention in Calgary. Click here for Details.

    - I am premiering 'ASSECTOMY' a 34 second part of a collaborative piece of animation at the Glenbow Museum this Saturday October 15, 2011. It is a piece in memorium of Chris Melynchuck as part of the Watch Me Move Launch Party. It's free!!!

    - I am working on a new painting: 'The Wheel of Deluded Existence' for the Horror Show on October 22, 2011. More info HERE and you can watch my process on my BLOG.

    - I am working on an illustration for a upcoming Childrens book publication. You can see it's development by clicking the BLOG button on this website.

    - I have also been asked to show works at the upcoming Buddhist Film Festival (Oct 23- 30th) How perfect for my Sacred Images Collection would that be?!

    - Been asked by Damien Manchuk(former Art Park big wig) to show in November and as part of a Group exhibition of the "Outside the Box" Collective.

    - Glenbow Museum has me doing a lecture Wednesday November 16, 2011 to their PIVOT members about the History of Animation in relation to their current exhibition WATCH ME MOVE.

    thats all for now folks



    I'm am one of four artists in this traveling art exhibition.


    Display Dates: SEPTEMBER 25 & 27, 2011
    Contact: Emily Barnett & Bart Habermiller, 403.244.4445
    Address: 1615 10th Avenue SW, Calgary

    The concept of Animated Delight gradually evolved from a celebration of Melnychuk’s work to include three additional dynamic animators residing in Calgary. The Alberta Society of Artists is pleased to present some of the artifacts that inform, contribute to and emerge from their animation processes.

    A collection of short animated films and art works by four accomplished artists connected to Quickdraw Animation Society will be previewed at the Skew Gallery on Sunday, September 25, 2011 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.

    The featured artists exploit diverse animation techniques with intriguing and fantastic results. Leslie Bell manipulates paint, cut-away shapes and hand drawn cels to explore the endless possibilities of an “organic abstract universe”. The animated films, digital prints and paintings on mylar provide evidence of her interconnected working process. Stefanie Wong uses an unusual method of threading canvas to represent the cyclical growth and decay of plant life. She further employs her textile expertise to animate small scale theatrical sets with unique handmade puppets and objects. Chris Melnychuk was naturally gifted in drawing and printmaking. Two exceptional prints from his portfolio related to chess pieces in action are included in this exhibition, as well as, many of the original cel drawings for Zap Girl Makes Toast. His friend and colleague Brian Batista reveals a passion for Eastern mysticism, pop culture and character animation through paintings, cel drawings and his film entitled Twosday.

    Animated Delight is a touring exhibition developed by the Alberta Society of Artists, in partnership with Quickdraw Animation Society, for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Traveling Exhibition Program. Starting in October, this exhibition will circulate throughout southwestern Alberta for next year. The AFA Travelling Exhibition Program is financially supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. Special thanks to Kari McQueen for lending artworks by Chris Melnychuk and Brian Batista for this exhibition.


  • FULL STRIDE - Application Success - Divine Inspiration

    YES!!! After a tough week, I checked the mail to happily find confirmation an acceptance of my proposal to the STRIDE Gallery for my solo exhibition 'Divine Inspiration' in 2012. I am so stoked, now onto making the new body of work!

    In other news, I am meeting with the printer today to have around 18 of my pieces test printed and those that turn out as good as I want will be printed in a short run to be sold at this years Shambhala festival alongside Peeko Apparel and the hyper realist paintings of Chad Wilsie;)

  • Purple art Show

    I will be part of Derek Bisbing's Purple art group show. It will be at his house, much like the Apartment show I was part of in the past.

    Date: August 13th
    Address: 2607 35 st SW




    I recently applied to Stride Gallery for a show next year titled "Divine Inspiration" A series bridging from my last work with Sacred Images but looking back on the older Vedic traditions. I was meeting with my friend Sachin who brought that will help me in creating my next series. The book is titled 'Indian Sculpture & Iconography'. The book is useful to me because it illustrates the methods for creating traditional forms and accurate measurements of all varieties of Indian sculpture.

    Synchronicity is the order of the day.......
    Soon after Sachin left, Chris Cran sent me an amazing story link that has similarities for what I hope to accomplish in my next body of work.

    Vishnu - Forms of God


    I just received an email from Fast Forward Magazine, and would you believe it I'm the top pic of the Week (June 9 -15) =;,3 <--(thats a bunny smiling). That means everyone on their mailing list will see a big grinning image I painted and a link to the story.

    Plus: Fast Forward published an article today on my Sacred Images show titled East Meets West. It can be read HERE.

    I especially like the reveal of my process of painting by color an a plug to buy my work so I can finish it properly. There is much respect given to the reverence I have for the images and It's in the most picked up an read FFWD of the year "The best of Calgary" issue. Talk about timing!



    I am so happy and thankful for all those who attended. There were well over 100 people at the 3 hour opening. We kept the gallery open for an additional hour. A nice lasse brought me flowers, I had some very good feedback and then the celebrating got out of hand. Exactly what I was hoping. Wicked celebration for the creation of art.


  • Installation of Sacred Images

    I am installing my 20 painting show at the Untitled Arts Society main Gallery today. I was happy to receive invitation cards and beautifully printed posters for the event. It sure brings a smile and some nervousness but I have about 114 people on the facebook invite page saying they will attend, plus more who are not in facebook. I hope this show is a success. That many people are going to be har pressed to fit in the gallery at once anyhow ;)

    The Fast Forward did an article on me that wont be appearing in this weeks issue due to the best of Calgary Awards, however I am hoping it will be published next week and encourage a new audience to attend. Fingers crossed.


  • 8 BIT animation Lockdown

    I recently spent the May long week-end locked up at Quickdraw Animation Society 5th annual Animation Lockdown -a 48 hour animation challenge.
    This year the challenge was to make an 8 BIT animation!

    In order to get away from the studio to clear my mind a bit, I went 8-bit.

    I made a 2 min film in about 20 hours, including music and titles. I called my film AVERT YOUR EYES and it included animation of wrathful deities.

    Wednesday May 25th at 9pm the animations will be shown at the PLAZA theatre. Check out our 8-BIT inspired animations! See you there.



    I am having my first solo exhibition June 3rd at the Untitled Arts Society Main Gallery. If you have Facebook you can go here to find out more info:

    SACRED IMAGES by Brian Batista

    Date and Time: Friday, June 3 at 7:00am - June 24 at 4:00pm

    Location: UAS 4th floor 319 – 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

    Opening reception: June 3 7 - 10 pm.

  • Tons of fun is going on: New News

    Well, I started my residency. It is so nice to have a studio again. In fact I'm lending it to a photographer friends of mine Isabelle "Izzy" Jackson and modeling for a photo shoot tomorrow.

    I also found out from the Taoist Tai Chi Society that another 400 of my Year of the Rabbit Shirts have been purchased, and just in time for Easter. Wow, 400 more shirts, that's phenomenal. even I'm impressed, I didn't think the printing turned out so great but if the clients are happy, I'm ecstatic!

    The Calgary Underground Film Festival,That I helped to create, just ran. I was super busy with two aboriginal projects that are quickly coming to resolution. I am happy to see my little baby do so well. It continues to be a success under the guidance of fellow co-founder the brilliant programmer Brenda Liberman. Good show CUFF folks!

  • St[art] 4five Residency Begins April 1st

    It's official, my 3 month studio residency begins April 1. My contract as the Animation Instructor for Quickdraw Animation Societies Aboriginal Youth Animation Program is up and my final Adult Intro to 2d class finished tonight. Starting April 1st, and it is no joke, I will have 3 months to focus on my artistic practice and goals in the studio while working on completing my AFA grant. As well I finished my application to be a sessional teacher at the Alberta College of Art and Design. My fingers are crossed and I've got a lucky rabbit's foot on both of Bunny's feet, I am really excited about upcoming opportunities.

  • ACAD 25yr Alumni Competition Winner

    I am a winner!

    It turns out I was selected as one of the winners of the ACAD 25th year Anniversary Alumni competition. They selected my painting Songs Yet to be Sung as the image they will reprint on ACAD materials and cards. These prints wil be handed out by the presidents office to MLA's and other representatives. I look forward to seeing the prints.

    Beyond the prestige, I also got a sweet cheque in the mail.


    It is official, I have received my first grant. Finally!
    This one is from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, how do I know I got it, numerous letters from the various provincial bodies involved. Then a cheque, finally arrived, now the $ is in the bank. It is going to be one hell of a year, I didn't get as much as I needed but it is enough to get the ball rolling.

    I wrote the grant this summer for my project titled 'Snack Time'. If you follow my blog (click the "Present" tab on this site) you will have seen some of the storyboards posted. I submitted my application for the September deadline, found out a few weeks ago via a letter and officially put the cheque in the mail the other day.

    So if you think applying to grants is worthwhile, consider this: I have applied a dozen of times and failed. This is my first success and my writing skills have markedly improved, so if you fail, keep on it, keep improving your skills and definitely have someone who knows read it over before it gets put in the mail. It takes months to find out about the funding, 6 in my case. It's still guesswork, jurried submissions, does not mean you will receive funding but you have to do the work and pay for the package and shipping.

    Another note: AFA just had their budget cut 20%. That will make it even more competitive in the upcoming years.

    The good news: Now that I have one, I opened a separate bank account and I can't wait to start in on my project. Keep your eyes peeled for 'SNACK TIME'!


    I was the page 7 feature - "Your Face Here" In the Fast forward. Good PR, an entertainment piece.

    Click here for the FAST FORWARD ARTICLE

  • Parade with Bunny and the Mayor of Calgary

    Year of the rabbit, and with a nickname like Bunny, it must be my year!!!!

    I have been invited by Michael Green, the festival director of One Yellow Rabbit's High Performance Rodeo, Calgary’s International Festival of the Arts, to take part, along side Calgary's Mayor Naheed Nenshi, as their mascot in the +15 Chinatown Art Parade happening January 21, 2010.

    I will be there with ears on!!!


    ...Friday, January 21, 4:00-5:00 pm
    Downtown Calgary +15 Walkway System
    Starting at Sun Life Plaza (144 4th Ave SW, Central Court)
    Ending at EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts (2nd floor, 225 8th Ave SE)

    Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Calgary’s Chinatown with a parade in the +15s!

    The +15 Chinatown Art Parade will feature costumes, dancers, floats, music, hand-painted lanterns and much more. This unique event will be a colourful collision of traditional and urban culture, bringing an energetic rush to the +15 system during rush hour – and everyone is invited!

    For more information about the +15 Chinatown Art Parade, visit www.hprodeo.ca, call 403.294.7411 or e-mail info@hprodeo.ca.

    Additional info can be found on the facebook event page HERE

  • Year of the Rabbit T-Shirt

    Last year I designed a shirt for the Calgary Tai Chi Society (see earlier news entry). I'm told that it was their best seller ever, across western Canada and internationally. So naturally, they have asked me to design this year's t-shirt. Year of the Rabbit, how fitting for a guy with the nickname 'bunny'. The colors this year will be black and a sort of intense robins egg blue color.

    I will be creating the designs over the holidays and will be posting them on my blog as I go.

  • 1 more year of Brianbatista.com on OPP

    I just paid for another year of hosting for this website. It cost about $165/year. Approx $13.75/month. Not bad for hosting all these images. The best part is that I designed it myself and can make all the updates on my own from anywhere in the world with internet. If you are interested in a website or would like to know more about my positive experience with creating my own website with Other Peoples Pixels............... send me a message.

  • St[art] 4five Residency confirmation

    Yee haw! More good news coming this way!

    I just got confirmation that I have a Calgary Allied Arts Foundation St[art] 4Five Residency!

    The application I submitted was successfully selected by the jury.
    I applied to work full time in the studio on completion of works for my upcoming solo exhibition "Sacred Images" at the Untitled Arts Society in June 2011.
    This will be in for a 3 month residency from April 1 - June 30, 2011.

    for more info on the residency program and application procedure go HERE.

  • UAS - Sacred Images show slated for June 2010

    My proposal for a solo show titled "Sacred Images" was accepted by the jury of the Untitled Arts Society.

    I got the call today and was given first pick of dates.
    The show is scheduled for June 2010.

    Now my next task, other than finishing the work, is to apply for a studio space as part of the Calgary Regional Art Foundation's Start program (due October 31) an get to work. I feel like I have a good chance of getting this opportunity lined up as well.

  • Vandalism is Public Art?????

    Well, after having my precious object of beauty on Calgary's Olympic Plaza, The city took it off site and into lock-up for safe storage until I could pick it up after it had been destroyed this week-end. I don't feel 'special' though. My work was not the only one vandalized this Artcity, and there is still a week to go!

    It took a few days to get a hold of the city to get my piece back out of locked storage. I am happy to say after a day spent on repair it will be back out in the rain for public viewing. What is with this weather?

    My music box will be out front the Art Gallery of Calgary this week on Stephen Avenue mall(8th ave between first an center street on the south side. If the weather lets up of if you are in the neighborhood please go check it out and give it a crank.


    John Frosst and I installed the music box own at Olympic plaza in the NW corner this morning as part of the www.artcityfestival.com/events/musicbox… Artcity festival|

    It will be there for the week-end then is being moved to a spot in front of the Art Gallery of Calgary on Stephen Avenue for the week. Check it out and give it a crank. It is a 137 note rendition of Somewhere over the rainbow's chorus. Throughout the upcoming week I may be removing notes until a clear simplified version of the tune can be played when you crank it.


    I create a bird outhouse for Bird dog's annual fundraiser. It is made out of untreated cedar and has an oak roof. It is a split level with his and her openings.It has that certain throne appeal and is currently "in use" by it's new owners.

    See it here Bird outhouse


    Last week I was invited to show my work on Calgary's daytime pedestrian walk- Stephen Avenue. I must be a lucky "bunny" 'cause I'll be there again during the Stampede!!! My good friend Jesse Gouchey will be there as well, his aboriginal inspired urban styled works can be seen at his website

    Come on down!!!
    Wednesday July 14th, 2010
    in front of The BAY between 10am-4pm.

  • Stride Gallery Catalogue

    It's out and I'm officially in print. Check out the Stride Gallery Catalogue 2009-2010, Page 20. ISBN 978-1-897551-10-3

    This was for the show:

    There is a nice write up by John Will,
    a photo of my "Fortune Favors the Bold" painting and a brief bio.

    Thanks to Stride Gallery, their staff and board for creating such a beautiful compilation. It's nice to be able to hold a book in my hands and see my work in print.


    I got the call from Mr. John Frosst that my application to ArtCity 2010 is successful!!!!!
    I will be creating a 4ft. music box for the downtown core. I am super excited. I was also told that my application was the most professionally put together. I have been improving my grant writing skills and they are paying off.

    So keep an eye out this September 10th - 19th during the Art City Festival in Calgary, AB.

    For more info Artcity


    I will be showing a new work titled:
    "Beauty is Only Skin Deep"
    with a whole bunch of other great artist's at the Sugar Shack Art Salon this SUNDAY!!!!! As part of their GenderBlender Show.

    Here are the details:

    Date: Sunday, June 13, 2010
    Time: 2:00pm - 6:00pm
    Location: Sugar Shack Art Salon
    Street: 1424 - 23 Avenue NW
    City/Town: Calgary, AB

    here is the link to the facebook event page


    I just completed a fun Mentor day at the Quickdraw Animation Society. There are a number of shining stars in the YAP program who deserve a pat on the back. They are making really good work. I was lucky enough to be invited down for lunch to talk to the participants. I got to have meeting with every participant and give them props and words of wisdom and experience in regards to my artistic pursuits and career. It was a lot of fun and I hope they all took away from it a ton of good stuff.

    I also completed an application to Artcity to make and present my music box idea. It was mailed off Monday and now I just have to wait for the jury's decision. My fingers are crossed. I sure hope I get to do this because it will open some doors to making more rad automata and musical sculptures.



    Hung about 7 pieces at the Apartment Show organized by Derek Bisbing.
    Donation door cover and bar proceeds go towards Derek & Teri's 2010 Ride to Conquer Cancer.

    Group art show featuring & more

    featuring: Justin Allen LaFontaine, Brian Batista, Dylan Birkholm, Derek Bisbing, Nick Blakeney, John Boletta, Teri Dillon, Chris Dow, Jim Laing, Drew McIntosh, Jordan Pasiuk, Darren Parnell, Heath Smith, Scott Veldohen, Cutie Cup Cake Creations


    Show: Saturday, March 27, 2010
    4328 4th St NW


    I am showing another new piece at the Stride Gallery Fundraiser/ Silent Auction.

    Friday February 19, 2010

    The theme is revolution and I created a piece called "Wings of Change"

    Check it out, one night only!
    Post show report: The show was a success, I had four bids on my painting and it sold to a collector of mine:) So I know it will have a beautiful home.

    It was also a lot of fun to reconnect with some of the artists in the community. I performed a new illusion called 'pressure' for Chris Cran. I made a bunch of bids though I didn't win an this time. It was a great evening and to top it off I went to a sculpey party afterward and made more art, then discovered the Korg Kaossilator.


    Love is in the air: February 13th 2010

    I will be showing a new work titled "taming the tiger" as part of a pre Valentine's Hook up P'ART'y and love theme group show at ARTSPOT

    Come on down. It's FREE!!!

    Love is in the air... and at ART SPOT! Experience the lovely art by over 16 talented artists, be romanticized by spoken work artists, dance your heart out to the music of multiple DJs, and maybe get lucky! Artspot will be supplying colour coded heart necklaces, so you can express if you are looking for friendship, love, or sex!

  • Taoist Tiger Tai Chi

    I have been invited by the Calgary chapter of the Taoist Tai Chi to design this year's (2010 - Year of the Tiger) T-shirt for the western region.

    I met with their administrator on Friday Jan 15th to get the specifications. I am doing preliminary drawings for the design. The preliminary drawing is done and looking awesome (January 23/2010) Then I will create a large painting to be photographed, do clean-up digitally and add all the necessary design aspects for the printers.

    I am excited about the opportunity and cant wait to see someone wearing the T. They should be available by the Chinese New year on or around February 14th, Valentines day;)

    They will be available for purchase at the calgary main center so check out their
    site: TAI CHI

    I practiced tai chi for years and decided to trade classes and start doing it again. If you have never tried it you should. It is awesome!

  • Final 4 Of 10 For 2010

    Excerpt from Article featured HERE

    "Another Canadian visual artist I am keeping notes on 2010 is Brian “Bunny” Batista. Yes I have known Brian for many years and yes he made a documentary on me and some may believe this is a plug, please let me reassure you though I am harder on my friends then I am on casual acquaintances. So when I say he has earned this spot, he has earned this spot. Recently awarded the honor of being elected into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (a very high honor in the Canadian art world) by his peers (peers in this case being notable Canadian Artists of the highest stature) Brian Batista’s work in his various artistic endeavors is always interesting and compelling. Although I have not been able to follow his video or performance work for the past few years as he hasn’t posted it on his site I have been following his paintings. His works hold similarities to that of Attila Richard Lukacs which is why I love it. These images often references spiritual and historical works, utilizing iconic beings from different culture’s histories to tell his own story. Often characterized with creation of modern mythical deities from his own mythology, his work speaks of the forgotten realm of gods and their musings on the world in which we play. Insinuating that one day they come back for their revenge. These are timeless themes and questions with which we have struggled with through out humanity. Add to this his brilliant use of bright colors and little light hearted play and that is some pretty modern art."

    by Rosetto Ink


  • SEPTEMBER 17th SHOW- Alfred Hitchcock Dioramas

    Alfred Hitchcock Dioramas

    I am part of a group exhibition at BIRD DOG VIDEO as part of their 3rd Annual Bird Dog Video Art Show/Silent Auction! Each year a selection of artists, musicians and all round creative people graciously donate their time and efforts to help raise money for a local charity. The Bird Dog Art Show/Silent Auction has become a favourite event for art lovers and collectors.

    This year we will honour one of the greatest Film Makers of all time, Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock has an extensive film repertoire, each artist has been asked to recreate a specific scene, create a new scene or simply use Hitchcock as the theme for your idea. All dioramas must be made with the same size box, but feel free to embellish outside the box.

    I am spellbound by the idea, have my shadow box and dreaming of Salvador Dali. No other clues necessary;)



    I just finished working as DOP on a two day music video shoot for the Band THE DUDES. The song we made the video for is 'girl police', we shot it on 1080/24p HD on a Sony XDCAM.

    It was a lot of hard work in a super hot trashed old party house. Imagine 30+ dudes having a party in a small living room, with gear, lights and no A/C.

    We finished up principal photography with the final shot of the 'girl police' running toward a wheelchair dolly carrying a ladder. Awesome! There were some other very creative shots including an ode to the Iwo Jima memorial where the girls put up a ladder with the traditional rising sun flag to get into the dudes jam space shot in slow motion and a scene where we lit Dan the singer entirely with cellphones. Yes!!!

    The design of the various palettes was based on epic war movies like Saving Private Ryan and Full Metal Jacket. The colors will be washed out, focusing on a grey/green palette while putting the yellow of the house exterior on the interior as well. The shadows will be crunched to create rich dark contrasting elements. We upped the gain to compensate for the darkness and to blow out the whites.

    The Interior action shots where shot at 1/250 shutter and the outdoor 'girl police' portions were shot in 60 & 54/24 fps with a standard shutter. We used a lot of hand held camera with dynamic framing. The trusty wheelchair dolly was used in 2 shots and the tripod only for a few. Since it is a music video cuts will be made on movement anyway, high shutter and jerky motion = good. There is now a lot of footage to go through. We expect it to be edited within the next two weeks.

    Stay tuned (double pun)


    For the past decade, I have survived on word of mouth to do my marketing. I have had people call out of the blue on a whim and still get a hold of me (my phone number hasn't changed since 2002).

    I opened up my mail to a box today and found it full of business cards...... finally. Boy am I excited! I cant wait to give them out.


    The work has been dropped off at the gallery.

    Special thanks goes out to my good friend Ray Kruger for providing transportation of the piece. Cheers buddy;) I look forward to seeing everybody who comes out to the show.

  • *7 by 7: Rising Talents selected by the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts*

    at the Stride Gallery from June 26 – August 1, 2009

    Brian Batista will be showing his newest creation
    “Fortune Favors the Bold”
    An oil on canvas piece measuring 90 cm by 180 cm

    The opening takes place on June 26th between 5 – 8 pm @

    The Stride Art Gallery Association
    1004 MacLeod Trail S.E.
    Calgary, AB CANADA
    T2G 2M7

    Email or phone for more information.

    PS: Special thanks goes out to Chris Cran and John Will for selecting my work for this exhibition.

  • YES IT'S TRUE!!! RCA are not just video cables.

    BRIAN BATISTA is proud to announce that he has become a full time artist!
    Support him today by helping him find an adequate studio, buy some one of a kind original artwork or just give him a pat on the back for taking the leap.

    He has been invite by John Will and Chris Cran to present a work at the ROYAL CANADIAN ACADEMY of ARTS: Annual General Assembly at the Stride Gallery, opening June 26.

    Visit http://www.rca-arc.ca/en/news/index.asp#
    to find out more about the RCA and the show.



    Events at the Faculty of Fine Arts

    Brian Batista Artist Talk

    On Friday September 26 Brian Batista will discuss his recent video ‘Battle Between the Sexes.’ In his work, the Calgary based artist asks “what is the modern experience of courtship?”

    EMMEDIA Artist-in-Residence Brian Batista visits the Art Building to talk about his recent work on Friday September 26, 2007, at 9:30 am in Room 672 on the 6th floor of the Art Parkade Building.

    This Lecture is free and open to the public.

    Centuries have passed but the battle between the sexes still rages on. Battle Between the Sexes is a documentary-style installation that contrasts and compares the difference in opinion between men and women in regards to the mating ritual. It is an invitation for introspection from both viewers and participants. The goal of this provocative work is to shed some light on what this battle is really about, reflecting on modern and traditional beliefs regarding the topic of courtship.

    Two randomly selected video interviews are projected simultaneously side by side on screen, contrasting the subjects' opinions and explorations on the "battle" that goes on between the sexes. The viewer is witness to two simultaneous, often opposing, viewpoints. Thoughts and biases are intended to surface, as the viewer becomes entrenched in the duality of the dialogue.

    What is the modern experience of courtship?

    Bestselling books for both men and women outline everything from "The Rules" - from how to catch him and keep him - to guides for girls on having one night stands. The rise in popularity of related websites, blogs, e-zines and reality-based shows like "The Bachelorette", "The Pick-up Artist" and "Keys to the V.I.P." point to a renewed sexual revolution, not only in how to get a mate, but why? Purveyors such as David DeAngelo, Mystery and Neil Strauss's have turned dating techniques into trademarked methods and multi-million dollar industries. Harlequin novels still hold sway and online dating has become the new force in making connections. The goal of Battle Between the Sexes is to ascertain what it means to be a modern "available" Canadian in today's world.

    Get involved!

    This project will be ongoing past its exhibition date at EMMEDIA. Brian Batista invites singles willing to share unique experiences on camera to email: artistavision@gmail.com

    This event is part of Visiting Artist Lecture Series 2008-09