The 'Old man show' is an ongoing performance piece. When "Oldmantista' the 78+ incarnation of myself shows up to delight in the wonder of this world.

We are happy that Oldmantista is the oldest member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, found a way to get out of bed and get dressed up for the special occasion.

Sure, Oldmantista is a grumpy old timer who hobbles along with his cane,
complaining about his sore and crooked back and aching feet, he carries his goiter in his trousers, keeps his IV handy for a quick refreshing drink,
has peeling wrinkled skin and a pocket full of Werther's candy... just like your grandpappy. Without his wise insights and terrible humor this art opening would not have been the same.

Ladies, don't be surprised if he makes a pass at you, just because he looks as old as he does, doesn't mean he can't still get it up!