Shakespeare in the Park
Shakespeare in the Park
Oil on canvas
19.5" X 30.5"

This dramatic work depicts various masks. It was painted in midsummer when a group of friends and I started a comic book where we each picked a mask to illustrate. I was house sitting Grant Poier's house and we would lay in his backyard passing panels back and forth trying to make an existential story come together. In our city I also experienced Shakespeare in the Park for the first time and went to a Midsummer Night's Dream party at Harry Wong's. There is a sketch in my 2009 sketchbook section hat was inspired by a photo taken at the party.

A ribbon encircles them with a work from William Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.

%"Lovers and madmen have such seething brains,
Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend
More than cool reason ever comprehends.
The lunatic, the lover, and the poet
Are of imagination all compact."