GOD OF WEALTH - Vaishravana tibetan thangka by Brian Batista
Oil on Canvas
18” X 24”

A highly stylized god of wealth,magnificent and mighty Vaishravana, is shown as sitting astride a lion. Vaishravana is one of the four heavenly kings.. As a guardian of the North, he is often depicted on temple murals outside the main door. He holds a banner, a symbol of sovereignty, in one hand and a jewel spouting mongoose in the other. The mongoose is the enemy of the snake, a symbol of greed or hatred; while the ejection of jewels represents generosity. He sits on a lotus throne with jewelled offerings above a tumultuous ocean and cliff landscape.

The background has been split down the centre into day and night. The right of day has a sun in the sky and the left of night holds the moon. This is meant to remind us of the confines of our time and that true wealth operates 24/7.There are gold bars in a grid pattern to remind us of the linear trappings of money. We must not let our desire for wealth become a prison or our greed will trap us. Golden coloured, the lion represents material riches as he is tamed by the god of wealth who sits on top of him. The lion is tamed by Vaishravana in the same way we must tame our desires and drives. The overall painting is bright and colourful, to express inner joy. Not all wealth is in the form of finance, true wealth comes from our happiness. This work is meant to bring wealth and good luck to the bearer.

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