APRIL SHOWERS - KURUKULLA tibetan Thangka by Brian Batista
Oil on canvas
18” X 24”

As the saying goes “April showers bring May flowers”. Anticipating the onset of spring arriving, our passions will begin to grow and blossom.

The goddess Kurukulla, normally depicted as red to represent her desire and passion, is shown in various shades of muted green. She stands quenched in a torrential down pour. Her passions have been depleted. As if waiting for this rainy day to end, a certain loneliness lingers in her heart.

Kurukulla represents the power that is at the same time controlling, subjugating, magnetizing and attracting. She is extremely seductive, enticing men and women through her bewitching spell of sexual desire and love. On her head rests a beautiful bow made of spring flowers. Much like Eros and cupid in western folklore, flower bows and arrows represent love and desire in Vedic tradition.

On each side of the lotus throne is an item for offering. To the left is a skull cup offering to quench lust and physical longings. To her right is a lute, a musical instrument, to enhance romantic aspects of love. This painting is about the calm before the rising of passion at the onset of spring.

Originally this piece was drawn with ball point pen on bright green canvas for an exhibition at the Sugar Estate Gallery.

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