YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT - Vajrayoginico Thangka
Oil on canvas
18" X 24"

The deity Vajrayoginico is seen here with X-ray vision skin revealing the bones within. She stands triumphantly atop the ignorance of the man on a bright lotus throne. She heartily drinks brains from a libation cup made from a half skull. Strung around her neck are golden skulls.

In her right hand is a damaru, a flaying knife or chopper. It drips with blood. It is based on a skinning knife, commonly called the knife of the butchers. The blades crescent is used to cut through flesh and then scrape it clean. It represents the separation of the outer and the inner as the appearance and emptiness. The sharp point or hooks are used for the more delicate parts, like removing veins and tendons and cutting out orifices in the skin.

You are what you eat is a reminder that we are made up of exactly what we put in our bodies and minds. These nourishments do not necessarily have to be only in the realm of food. The thoughts, experiences and emotions we feed ourselves also have a profound effect on our psyche and well being.

You are what you eat represents “the method” as the cultivation of great bliss. In a way, enjoying the process of preparing the meal is as pleasurable as the act of devouring it.